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Garage Door Repair and Replacement

If you're ever shopping for a trustworthy business to handle your general garage door repair needs, South Harrison Garage Door Repair is the first choice in South Harrison, Ohio! Garage door maintenance is, in reality, constant passion! Having the ability to get the job done right and done fast is what sets our garage doors apart. There is nothing worse than having your garage door spring a leak or be completely shut down while no one is around to assist you; your first thought is to call in the professionals!

With a full staff of trained and certified specialists, we can take care of all of your spring, motor and overhead door needs including custom replacements, repairs, and even replacement parts for any of the popular brands like overhead garage doors or sliding doors. We work hard to bring you the best quality services possible to keep your garage doors working smoothly. Whether it's a new door that needs to be installed, a motor that needs to be calibrated or a track that needs to be adjusted, our expert technicians are happy to help.

Overhead garage door repair and replacement have never been easier. With the use of high-tech instruments, we are able to precisely make the necessary adjustments in your track and rollers for optimal performance and efficiency. Our spring and cable equipment are made of the highest quality materials and include stainless steel spring bars, diamond bearings and high tech stainless steel cables that run all the way to our remote controls. In addition to spring and cable tools, we also carry a complete selection of replacement parts and an assortment of tools.

In addition to our high quality equipment, we also carry a full assortment of cables and springs for most of your garage door repairs. If you are wondering about how to go about your particular problem, don't hesitate to contact us. Many people are surprised at the number of problems that arise with their overhead garage doors, but with our expertise, we can help you fix them. As we have been providing free, professional service for over 30 years, we have the training and the knowledge to fix nearly any issue.

Some of the common problems we see with overhead doors include broken springs, cables that are frayed or broken, or worn cables. Many people make the mistake of replacing the entire system without checking the individual components first. This can cause serious issues, especially if you replace a part that is on the noisy rollers or pulley. In addition to replacing springs, cables, and rollers, we also carry a full line of garage door repair parts and components. If you need to upgrade or add a part, our expert technicians are available to help.

Garage Door Installation

Some of the common problems associated with overhead rollers and tracks involve worn cables or broken springs. If cables or springs need to be replaced, our skilled technicians are qualified to install and repair all types of cables and springs. Even if your garage door doesn't seem to be moving properly, or there is no noticeable damage, we can help. Our skilled technicians can inspect your system and suggest the best solution for fixing the problem. Whether you need spring tensioners, cable tensioners, or both, we are able to provide you with the parts you need and the training necessary to perform the job. No matter what type of Harrison garage door repair company you choose to work with, your safety and your entire garage floor will be in our capable hands.

Harrison Garage Door Repair

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dapol ratis

Excellent service with a friendly, can-do demeanor. Fixed my garage door and it runs pretty smoothly and quietly now.

Eugene R. Livingston

They showed up and the garage door was fine it just turned out to be a simple sensor issue which he fixed and they even did that free of charge!!  You guys are amazing!  I will definitely contact you for any future issues with my garage door. Thanks again!!

Ronald K. Pierce

We were very happy with your quick and professional service. We will call you again if needed and highly recommend you for anyone in need of a garage door fix!